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Our extensive experience with corporate training in a plethora of industries has given Gladwell Academy India the edge you need to set up your “internal academy” within your organization. We are here to guide, support and guarantee your successful transformation journey.

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Benefits of a (customized) corporate training

  • Tailor-made training We provide an intake in which the selected trainer puts together a tailor-made program in consultation with you. During the training, specific matters and cases from the organization are discussed so that the content can be directly applied to your own work situation.
  • Large groups Incompany focuses on transformation processes involving large groups of employees.
  • Flexible times The agenda is drawn up flexibly in consultation.
  • On site/Virtual Because the training takes place at the company location, additional travel time and costs are saved for participants.

Partners and Certifications

As one of the few providers of the full spectrum of SAFe training courses in Europe, we are uniquely positioned to distribute SAFe related knowledge and expertise within large companies. In addition, our network of recognized professional Scrum trainers makes us an excellent partner for Scrum-related issues.

Education Compass

View our full digital transformation course offering in this new edition of the “Education Compass”.

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Tailor-made Trajectory

In consultation with the best fit trainer, an effective training program is developed according to the steps below that seamlessly matches the objectives of the organization.

Step 1: Orientation phase
The tailor-made process begins with an orientation meeting in which we jointly create a global insight into the training needs and make an initial estimate of the costs. Based on the training needs, the best matching trainer is linked to the project.

Step 2: Intake with trainer
During the intake interview with the trainer, background and objectives are discussed in detail. Based on training needs, level of participants, training duration and budget, a result-oriented training program is drawn up.

Step 3: Execution
After the pre-evaluation of the participants, the tailor-made training program will take place. Because we thoroughly immerse ourselves in the organization, participants will always work with concrete examples relevant to their organization.

Step 4: Evaluation
Participants are immediately able to apply what they have learned in practice. An evaluation will also take place and any further learning wishes and training needs will be considered.

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