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Mar 10, 2023

How to prepare for SAFe certification examinations?

Having difficulty preparing for the exam? Are you in need of guidance? Take a look at his blog where our industry expert Vaibhav Patki shares information regarding guidance on taking certification exams.

As a trainer,

One looks forward to getting pinged with a volley of questions from eager participants. I love to think of them as co-learners. As our training environment promotes collaborative, experiential learning, we too as trainers, benefit from the free flow of intrinsic knowledge

But could you guess?

What is the subject that the numero uno queries revolve around? SAFe or unsafe, the podium always goes to the questions around “Exam”. No second thoughts about that. So, it is not surprising that I thought of blogging around this all-time favorite topic. Tried to affinity map and unravel the dynamic range of questions posed. And then suggest few approaches that could benefit those who want to be a part of this SAFe community, committed to life-long learning.

Before that,

Let me share the predicament of few participants. Multiple batches of learners from a specific client of a particular industry whom I had an opportunity to train. Right from the word ‘Go’ or should I say, much before that as well, their whole attention was to crack the exam at the earliest moment, even though it might have been inopportune. The mystery was getting over my head and shoulders. Until one day, during the tea break, I learnt that their Regional Head had cleared the Exam, the very moment it was enabled. The Leader had set a high standard and made sure everyone knew that. That was great. It was altogether another matter, that he expected the same repeat action from others. The exemplification and expectations set were so humongous that the participants were no way ready to unlearn and learn. Rather all they were interested was to put the badge behind their names and breathe a sigh of relief

Going ahead,

I need to share another experience that touched the extreme opposite boundary. Here, the organization was investing in people getting trained and then stop at that. There was no pressure for them to get certified. Rather, the organization felt that without certification, the people would stay with them.

But these extremes are only outliers,

and we need to focus on maximum of the population. The ones that yearn to learn, get certified and contribute with their newly acquired skillsets. Develop their mindset muscle.

Alexander Graham Bell

How do you then prepare to get certified?

Before Training

The journey should ideally start even before the training sessions. Once the pre-training materials in form of videos and articles are shared, it is in the best interest of people to peruse them. It’s like the warm-up run before the Sprint. It’s like the Asanas and postures to be held in Yoga before doing Pranayama. Everything then falls in place as you prep yourself for the experiential learning throughout the sessions.

During Training

It is important to actively participate in the Activities during the breakouts. Experts in the cognitive sciences and learning field in general are aware as to how retention of concepts that we learn through active learning is of a higher caliber than that through just listening or reading. Writing down action plans after thorough weighting of what we learned is of essence

Post Training

It is advisable to go through the entire digital workbook at least a couple of times. This could be followed by going through the marked links of the website as suggested in the study guide

Let information sink

Once you have gone through the digital workbook and the marked links, attempt the Practice Exam. Hold on! Not immediate. Let the information sink in and knowledge blossom. Take at least a week, if not more. Assess your displayed result. Watch out for those spaces you found yourself less prepared. Focus on them and then overall one more time. Reattempt the practice test just one more time. If you attempt multiple times, it is futile since the questions are only jumbled and repeated. If you score at least 10 percent more than your passing requirement, go ahead and attempt the ‘Certification Exam’. But Vaibhav, why hold for a week the first time and then prepare for the second reattempt. Honestly, that would be the only time, you would indulge in a theoretical learning and trying to understand practical implementation. Then as a certified entity, you might not have that rigor when you go through the website or articles.


Claim your digital badge. Share it proudly at LinkedIn or your choice of media. Remember to celebrate your victories.

Best Wishes on your certification journey!!

Stay SAFe!

Vaibhav Patki

Written by Vaibhav Patki, SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)