Scaling Agile India 2022

December 2, 2022
Post pandemic, regaining momentum of a different magnitude is very critical for growth of an enterprise. At this point, leadership grit is very essential. Our goal is to help you gain that clarity and move forward in this critical moment through SCALING AGILE INDIA.


At SCAIN, you will experience a day of rich, inspiring sessions to support your enterprise growth. This year's tracks are Business & Technical Agility and Redefining ABCD ( AI, Business Development, Cloud Computing and Design Thinking).

Business & Technical Agility

Business and technical agility is really about responding rapidly to changing external and internal conditions.

Through SCAIN, you will grasp a better understanding of situational awareness, clarity of business purpose, good technical practices, and local decisions to actually be agile.

Redefining ABCD

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Development (B), Cloud Computing (C) and Design Thinking (D) are considered to be the ABCDs of emerging technologies that are transforming businesses globally.

At SCAIN, learn how these 4 factors affect your business & how you can overcome challenges related to the same.

Making India the SAFe hub of Asia

"It is my goal to change people and organizations for the better and to give them the confidence and power to not go back to their old ways. I want to teach them SAFe as an approach to achieve personal and business agility."

-Anand Murthy Raj, Asia's first SAFe Fellow

Program Highlights

How to tell a good business story

by Ameen Haque
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Scaling up using small teams in combat military operations

by Colonel Ranjeev K Babu
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How to design your thinking

by Dr. Pavan Soni
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Building bridges by breaking walls

by Harini Sreenivasan
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Humanizing design

by A Padmakumar
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SCAIN Early bird ticket is priced at: ₹10,000. The offer is valid only till 30th September, 2022.

The ticket includes your participation at the 1-day event Scaling Agile India 2022, welcome coffee with pastries, buffet lunch, drinks with bites and 2 parallel tracks with inspirational speakers

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Anand Murthy Raj - Chairman

Chairman SCAIN. Associate Partner at Gladwell Academy. Asia's first SAFe Fellow & SPCT
Anand is a leader with a vision to bring in great difference and excellence in the organization by multiplying business/value to achieve greater heights. He has 23 years of experience in the IT industry through which he brought in strong management background and versatile experience in Agile Coaching. Software Project Management, Support, Operations management, customer management, process management, people management and vendor/partner management. Anand has been conducted SAFe Agilist certification training globally to more than 500 professionals in the last 15 months with a pass rate of 99%.
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Ameen Haque - Keynote Speaker

Founder at Storywallahs
Ameen believes great stories happen to those who can tell them.
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Anil Santhapuri

Director of Skills Solutions at FIS
I'm reinventing and re-imagining the global talent value stream through the application of skills-based architecture to all things 'talent’ by pivoting jobs towards skills
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Colonel Ranjeev K Babu

Senior Technical Trainer at Agile Asia
Ranjeev is a trainer and facilitator with twenty-five years of rich experience in the Indian Army
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Harini Sreenivasan

Partner at Semcostyle Institute India LLP
Harini is passionate about transforming education and shaping the 'Future of Work'
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Dr. Pavan Soni

Founder and Innovation Evangelist at Inflexion Point Consulting
Dr. Pavan Soni is an Innovation Evangelist by profession and a teacher by passion.
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Dr. Padmakumar Ananthakrishnan

Consultant, Coach and trainer at AnmolSparsh Consulting Services
The mark of a great Storyteller is the invisibility of the story and the stickiness of the message.
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Tathagat Varma

VP Strategy and Chief of Staff at Walmart Global Tech
Tathagat leads technology strategy and business operations charter of continuously driving organizational effectiveness
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Vishwanath Shankar

Software Architect at Omnicell
Vishwanath is a software architect with over 13 yrs of experience in the art of software craftmanship
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A Grand Gathering

This year, SCAIN will be held at Hotel Aloft in Bangalore, India. We are thrilled about hosting the event on-site and meeting all the inspiring participants face-to-face.

Venue Location: Hotel Aloft, Cessna Business Park, Bengaluru, India

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