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Lean Agile for Systems Engineering (LASE)

Gladwell Academy
2 Day inhouse Training to understand about adopting Lean-Agile in building Large Systems
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With the successful adoption of Agile in Software Development, there is a trend to force fit the software mindset of applying Agile into other areas of work. Agile adoption in Systems Engineering teams or Hardware teams, have met with resistance from the cross-disciplinary teams involved in building large systems. The pure Agile Ways-of-working is not helping the Systems Engineering teams to appreciate the solution proposed by Agile evangelists from the software world.

Large System Development today has to deliver to the same market demand that the software is addressing - faster time to market at lower cost and high quality with highly motivated employees. The problem for today's Large System Development, needs a solution which takes the lessons learnt from the Agile community and lessons learnt from the product companies in the manufacturing world over decades. This needs a balance between the risk averse methods of the traditional world and the risk seeking approach from pure Agile world.

Benefits of LASE

Gladwell’s Lean-Agile for Systems Engineering (LASE) is a two day training for your Entire Systems Engineering team to adopt the right Lean-Agile mindset, tools and technique to collaboratively build large Systems.

The training combines theory with real world cases to help the participants find out how they can apply the principles and methods in their own context.

Gladwell’s Lean-Agile for Systems Engineering (LASE) solution helps Large Systems Engineering teams to deliver valuable solutions to customers to meet the market demand by applying Lean-Agile Principles, tools and techniques to improve cross-discipline collaboration, planning and execution to achieve maximum Agility.

Learning Goals

During this two-day course you will learn to:

  1. Understanding the Complex Systems Development in Digital World
  2. Understanding the meaning of Agility and the need to learn faster
  3. Learning to adopt the Frameworks to Large Physical Systems Development
  4. Lean-Agile for Systems Engineering – Principles and Practices
  5. How to build in cross-domain collaboration, Learning and experimentation
  6. Advanced concepts and practices to be Agile in Systems Engineering


About the Training:

  1. Difference between Systems Engineering and Software development
  2. Challenges in vanilla Agile adoption for system development
  3. Building MVPs in Systems Engineering
  4. Incremental Systems Engineering
  5. Analyze and learn from Product failures
  6. Systems Engineering – Beyond Product Development
  7. Systems Thinking and Design Thinking
  8. Systems Engineering Practices for Agility
  9. Designing for Manufacturing, Support and Operations


Course attendees typically include:

  • Systems Engineering Teams (Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Firmware, Software and others) for all roles,
  • Supply Chain & Purchase,
  • Line Managers,
  • Quality Assurance personnel,
  • Customer Support,
  • UX