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Create Winning Strategies

Success in scaling agile is less about a framework and more about the organizational change you need in order to implement within your company. Therefore, leading SAFe alone will not set you up for enterprise-wide agile success.

Beyond the SAFe framework, Gladwell Academy India's unique offering in scaling agile practice gives you the tools and techniques you need to initiate a unique and successful agile transformation in your organization or improve the program you already have in place.

Agile Transformations

Set up your Lean Agile transformation with a dynamic leadership team empowered to inject transformative change into your organization. Connect the transformation to real business outcomes and systematically replace existing onerous corporate red tape with lightweight governance focused on demonstrated results.

SAFe Solutions

Tailor the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to drive measurable business results. Unleash the untapped potential of your organization by focusing on value and innovation to adapt and win. Our specialized team of experts has helped dozens of enterprise clients tailor the Scaled Agile Framework to deliver the optimal business results they need.

Product Agility

With Gladwell's Agile Product Development solutions, your product teams will get from planning to launch faster, while shifting the focus away from individual projects and onto the value your Products bring. You will learn tools to adapt to changing customer needs, and identify and deliver the highest value for your customers, resulting in higher rates of return from your product investments.

Meet Anand Murthy Raj: Asia's First SAFe Fellow

Anand Murthy Raj, Associate Partner at Gladwell Academy India, received the SAFe fellowship award in 2021 and is the first Asian to receive so.

He has over 13 years of experience in the field of SAFe/Agile consulting, coaching and training and has given SPC trainings all over the world including Berlin, Philippines, Amsterdam, USA, India.

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