Our trainers

Andres Jansen is senior trainer at Gladwell Academy and senior consultant at BlinkLane Consulting.

He specializes in metrics and performance measurement. Recent years he focused on organizational transformation, making organizations controllable, more Agile and action oriented.

Andres favors an analytical approach to problem-solving, without losing sight of pragmatic solutions. He easily adapts, secures stakeholder support and masters complex situations. Andres enthusiastic, creative and entrepreneurial attitude help him to realize ambitions. His effective communication skills make

Andres a competent presenter and sparring partner at all levels. He is currently in Philips Lighting, running a part of the transformation to SAFe there.

In agile-adopting organizations, he is often consulted on the value of management reporting. Therefore Andres wrote two blogs about this topic.

Part 1: Does management reporting conflict with a transition to agile?

Part 2: The power of reporting for agile organizations, introducing Type-C!


Certified SPC4, PSM, PSPO