Payment cancellation and delivery policies

Payment Terms

After signing up for a training, the client will receive a confirmation email containing the amount of payment of the training. The invoice will be sent as an attachment of the confirmation. The total amount must be paid within 14 days after receiving the invoice and at the latest before the start of the training. Participation in the training or course is only guaranteed if the amount is transferred to the bank account of Gladwell Academy BV.

Cancellation Policy

If the training is cancelled, the client shall be notified by email or telephone. This will take place at least 7 days before the starting date of the training.

When cancellation of the training  by Gladwell Academy occurs, Gladwell Academy will offer the client an alternative date and / or location. If the client agrees on the alternative, Gladwell Academy will register the new date / dates. The client of Gladwell Academy will then receive a new confirmation containing the alternative date. If the client does not accept the alternative offered, the training will be canceled free of charge and will be refunded within two weeks.

By cancellation of the course, the client will be charged the following costs :

  • 15.000 INR administration costs will be charged to the client
  • If cancellation occurs between 8-6 weeks before the start of the training, 50% of the subscription price will be charged to the client.
  • If cancellation occurs between 5-3 weeks before the start of the training 75% of the subscription price will be charged to the client.
  • If the client cancels within 2 weeks before the training 100% of the subscription price will be charged to the client.

This does not apply with an open enrollment registration if the participant is replaced by a colleague. This remains possible up until the (first) day of the training. In all other (exceptional) situations, which do not apply to the above conditions, the course of action will be determined by the Gladwell Academy management.