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“Partnering with means we train Scrum properly.” has included Gladwell Academy as a partner in their global Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) Network. Since Scrum was one of the first Agile trainings we started offering at Gladwell Academy, we have plenty of experience with this exciting framework. By leveraging our network of global trainers, we can now offer Scrum taught by certified PSTs.    Experienced trainers “Scrum was hot five years ago when Gladwell Academy began, and it's still hot today,” says Miranda... Learn more
Agile mindset

Building the true Agile Mindset – Learning from the most disciplined organization of India

In our last article, we invited Gladwell Academy SPCT and speaker at Agile India 2019, Anand Murthy Raj to give us a hint of his ‘12 Commandments for building true Agile organizations’. Today, we’re continuing in this vein with three spectacular examples from Indian military history that illustrate the supreme power of authentic, inspiring leadership. Anand Murthy will speak with a topic "Building the true Agile Mindset – Learning from the most disciplined organization of India" at... Learn more

Agile way of working

Agile is a philosophy aimed at effectively dealing with insecurities within organisations. The starting point of all Agile work is a self-organising, fixed team that consists of various disciplines and is capable of realising concrete results in a relatively limited timeframe. Agile working is not a goal in itself, but a way to intelligent ly deal with insecurities. The philosophy has its roots in software development, but holds value for all processes where the correct approach or desired... Learn more

Agile in control

As a manager, you support the Agile principles. And now the first hurdles have been passed, you can see the transition to Agile beginning to bear fruit. But you are still missing your own role in this. Or perhaps you are experiencing less control and are doubtful of how to tackle the administration and take responsibility. After all, you are responsible for feeding and following the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. You are still the person who senses whether or not there is enough control over the... Learn more

Agile in 2019: A look at the upcoming trends

The future of Agile working looks promising. Agile is not just a hype; it has become a concept. The word Agile even made it onto the list of office clichés in 2018. However, Agile working has become indispensable. After all, we live in a world that is constantly changing and in which time-to-market plays an extremely important role. Agile working makes your organisation flexible and versatile, so that your organisation is better able to hold its own in a world full of change. But what are the... Learn more

The path to an Agile Transformation

When I came into contact with Scrum as a trainer circa 2015, I understood from my colleagues that it was a new project management methodology. Training courses according to PRINCE2, ITIL or another best practice were common at that time. At first sight, Scrum seemed very simple thanks to a few books I had read. Until I looked into it in more detail.   Project management We understood that in addition to Scrum, there were various other Agile approaches to project management such as... Learn more