Agile for hardware

“This July 1st, Agile is spreading beyond software development.” 

Ralph Hofman is an experienced consultant in digital transformation. He’s worked with leading industrial manufacturers such as ASML, NXP, JDE and many others. And today, he’s excited. “The Agile way of working has been out of reach for much of the non-software industry for decades. Now, it’s slowly making up to change the history of industry. With this event, we’re bringing it to them.”    July 1st and 2nd will see the Agile for Hardware event, hosted by Agile... Learn more

“Partnering with means we train Scrum properly.” has included Gladwell Academy as a partner in their global Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) Network. Since Scrum was one of the first Agile trainings we started offering at Gladwell Academy, we have plenty of experience with this exciting framework. By leveraging our network of global trainers, we can now offer Scrum taught by certified PSTs.    Experienced trainers “Scrum was hot five years ago when Gladwell Academy began, and it's still hot today,” says Miranda... Learn more
Sathya HR

“Welcomed into the core community of SAFe builders.”

For Gladwell Academy trainer Sathyanarayana H R, spreading the awareness and adoption of SAFe has been his bread and butter for many years. Soon though, he’s likely to dive one important level deeper, becoming the second person of India to join the small community of SAFe Program Consultant Trainers.     “The SPCTs are a small worldwide community of SAFe Agilists that work together with Scaled Agile and Dean Leffingwell to improve SAFe. They contribute to new iterations... Learn more

Stepping up to SPC: The value of becoming a certified SAFe Program Consultant

The SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) course is a relatively new program – one that, upon successful completion of the SPC exam, will lift your knowledge and can lift your network and career, to a new level. According to thought leader Andres Jansen, Senior Trainer at Gladwell Academy, the certification unlocks a world of SAFe Program Consultant jobs as it transforms the scope and impact of your work.    SPC certification: next-level Lean/Agile coaching The Number One question I get... Learn more

Servant Leader in Superman’s clothing: Ready to be RTE?

What are the tasks of the Release Train Engineer? The RTE is a new breed of super scrum masters, arisen since the advent of SAFe. Upon passing the SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE) exam and achieving RTE certification, the RTE becomes a far more effective scrum master of the Team of Teams and coach for the organization around it– a complex, challenging, and intense role with a lot of responsibility for the whole enterprise. “It’s like Scrum on steroids,” says Andres Jansen, Senior... Learn more
SAFe radio interview by Anand Murthy Raj

SAFe radio interview by Anand Murthy Raj

SAFe radio interview - Anand Murthy Raj, Associate Partner of Gladwell Academy visited the radio program 'Bangalore brains' on 20th March at FM Rainbow Bengaluru 101.3. He talked about Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and gave examples and made analogies between army and business. Anand answered also some listener's questions. Curious to know what he actually discussed about? Listen the audio recording below.    SAFe radio interview: Listen on the link below.   Source:... Learn more
Agile mindset

Building the true Agile Mindset – Learning from the most disciplined organization of India

In our last article, we invited Gladwell Academy SPCT and speaker at Agile India 2019, Anand Murthy Raj to give us a hint of his ‘12 Commandments for building true Agile organizations’. Today, we’re continuing in this vein with three spectacular examples from Indian military history that illustrate the supreme power of authentic, inspiring leadership. Anand Murthy will speak with a topic "Building the true Agile Mindset – Learning from the most disciplined organization of India" at... Learn more
PI planning

SAFe PI Planning and the PI time box

PI planning is a scaled version of Sprint planning. All the different teams and stakeholders come together to plan for the upcoming 8 - 12 weeks. Read below what Asian's first SPCT Anand Murthy Raj has to say about this event.      "I often get questions and concerns from the management on the concept of PI window and the PI planning event itself. Some comments I have heard are:   Two day PI planning is not productive The concept of the whole PI and events... Learn more
Gladwell Academy 5 years

Hooray! We’re 5 years old today…!

One moment in 2014 you’re nervously watching registrations trickle in for your first training session. The next moment, five years have passed. Happy birthday to Gladwell Academy! Time for a heart-felt thank you: to our many eager participants, to our ambitious clients, and to all the colleagues who have come and gone.       A simple realization gave birth to this company. That ‘digital transformation’ was starting to have a huge impact on business. That... Learn more
Leading SAFe

Leading SAFe: It’s all in your head. – PART 2

There are absolutely no one-size fits all, just-tick-the-box solutions in an agile environment. Instead, leaders who want to manage with the Lean-Agile mindset need to learn to organize safe environments so that others - through engagement - can come to the next steps of effective action.   In this two-part blog, Janse gives his expert perspectives on the challenges – and rewards – of expanding your mind and becoming a SAFe Agilist. This is the second part of the blog... Learn more