Since obtaining SPCT (SAFe Program Consultant Trainer) certification at the beginning of July, the requests for training courses have been flooding into Odile Moreau’s inbox. But our Agile coach remains firmly grounded. Delighted to be the first French (or even French-speaking) person to earn this achievement, she has just one goal: to help her fellow French colleagues achieve the same level of excellence.


Congratulations, Odile! You are now a member of the extremely select club of SPCT coaches. How does this make you feel?

Odile Moreau: I am delighted to be one of the 50 or so SPCT coaches in the world. But more than the certification, it is the recognition of my skills as an instructor that warms my heart.  I was touched by all the messages I’ve received in the last few weeks, particularly from people I have trained. If it weren’t for them and their feedback, I never could have succeeded on this extremely challenging journey.


“The demand from French companies is huge. It is therefore vital for more French SPCTs to emerge.”


What was involved in obtaining this certification? Did it require a lot of work?

Odile: The preparation is nothing like that required for the lower levels. It is not enough to have good academic skills. You have to have a deep understanding of SAFe theory and be able to put that knowledge into practice. Extensive experience in the field is therefore essential. The certification also requires you to read a lot of publications in English and to train regularly alongside other SPCTs (“co-trainings”) in order to widen your expertise and gain confidence. It is an inspiring process,  in which you are learning every day. It is also long and filled with obstacles, and you must not be afraid of failure. My first attempt was unsuccessful. And throughout, I was working full time!


What purpose does the SPCT certification serve? What does it allow you to do that other SAFe courses do not?

Odile: It allows me to assist with more complex agile transformations, to make active contributions to the SAFe framework (via articles and conferences) and above all, means I can train future SAFe Program Consultants. I am really looking forward to giving my first 100% French training course, “Implementing SAFe”, in Paris at the end of August, and helping my compatriots reach ever higher levels of knowledge. The demand from French companies is huge, and alone I will never be able to satisfy it. It is therefore vital for more French SPCTs to emerge.


You seem very enthusiastic about hosting further training courses in French.

Odile: Absolutely. It will allow richer exchanges, since you can express yourself more easily and with more confidence in your mother tongue. The questions are more precise, and the answers better adapted. I noticed it myself during my preparations for the SPCT certification. I lived in Great Britain for 5 years and I work mainly with international companies but still, I sometimes miss the finer subtleties of communication in English. That said, the course materials are all in English, as are the exams.


“With a repertoire of 5 languages, our SPCTs can operate anywhere in the world”


With Eelco Rustenburg, Anand Murthy Raj and now you, the Gladwell Academy has 3 SPCT coaches. What new horizons does this open up?

Odile: Our goal remains the same: we aim to deliver ever improving value and expertise in scaling agility to our clients. Between Eelco, Anand and myself, we are now able to offer SAFe courses in 5 different languages: French, English, German, Dutch and Hindi.  In other words, we can operate anywhere in the world!


Want to know more? Check our courses or read the following interview with Odile on “More and more French businesses bring in scaling agility”. Are you a certified SPC coach and want to progress to SPCT? Odile Moreau will happily answer your questions. You can contact her at the following address:

Odile - Gladwell Academy

Odile Moreau is a SAFe (SPCT) consultant and coach with over 20 years of professional experience in many countries (including France, the Netherlands, USA, Malaysia, UK) with both for-profit and non-profit organisations in IT service management, commercial information management, and software engineering. She is the first French person to obtain the Scaled Agile Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) certification.